Wednesday, 28 January 2009

WEDNESDAY 28TH JANUARY - a breath of fresh air literally

It was a cold damp windy day with no sign of the sun so we decided to go to the cliffs not so very far from here. This is St. Anthony Head well known around here for its fabulous vistas.
As we approached the sun began to break through the heavy layer of cloud so we sheltered in the bird hide and as there was no one else wanting to watch the birds we had a flask of hot chocolate in our snug little corner!

This hide really is just that cleverly positioned between cliff and space therefore giving a fantastic view of the cliffs and their inhabitants. There are many seabirds on these rocks but it was too windy and maybe a little early in the year to spot many. There were of course gulls being battered by the very strong gusts.

The gorse is in full flower with that heady scent of coconut filling the air.

All these nooks and crannys for the birds to rest and nest.

We leant out of the hide to see the beautiful surging sea with sounds so powerful that the caressing and soothing feeling they evoke erases all troubles for the moment.
Oh and the new me has been to an Amnesty meeting with P. We sent 3 cards in support of men where injustice is happening.
Oh and I sent an email to the BBC protesting about the not screening of an appeal on behalf of the people of Gaza by the DEC.
No phone calls but I am still smiling and saying hello to new people!!
It doesn't seem to take much effort I just hope I will still be doing these little things at the end of the year.

Monday, 19 January 2009


I am trying to continue the self improvement regime I have set myself so here is the latest report.

On Tuesday I thought about another mutual colleague that the lady I 'phoned last week had mentioned. Daphne was the deputy head of my second school and to hear that she is nearly 80 and riddled with arthritis made me think about then happy times when I was a new girl at the school. enabled me to locate her number so I gave her a call and she was so pleased to have a chat. She remembered me and we laughed about some shared memories.

I went to the AMNESTY meeting. There were some very interesting topics covered and I signed a letter asking for release of an anthropologist being held without charge in Guatamala. I also took two info pages about two men who have disappeared one in Nepal and one in Gambia. I have sent postcards of support to people closely associated with these men.

When I went for a walk through the village I said 'hello' to a lady walking her dog and also to an old boy leaning on a wall! Two people I have never seen before and this isn't a very big village I wonder where they came from?!

Not one of these things took very long and they have got to be worthwhile. I feel good for having actually done these things rather than just thinking about them.

Then yesterday after a terrific storm over night on Saturday we went to Watergate Bay and watched two proficient Kite Surfers at Watergate Bay, Awesome!!


Monday, 12 January 2009

MONDAY 12TH JANUARY - self improvement!

Those of you have read my last posting will know to what I am referring now

I have telephoned someone I used to work with and left that place 24 years ago. We have exchanged Christmas cards every year so I decided to find her tel no and rang her she was so delighted she says she will try to get to Cornwall later this year! It was a good thing to do. Oh she lives in Ipswich which is quite a long way from here!

I am going to a meeting of the local AMNESTY group on Wednesday evening my first time..

I am learning Russian well I started this last September but this is one of my new things and it is stretching me.

This post is just about the 'things not resolutions' or self improvement?! package. Eek!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Resolutions are made to be broken so I haven't made any however there are things which I will try to acheive which can only make me better person.

So here are few things but not resolutions just things ?! will try to do

Everyday I will exchange at least a few words with a new person. This can be anywhere and anyhow even a new person on the phone is ok as a last resort.

Send an email or support a cause that I have meant to do and just haven't got around to. Do this every month even if this just means signing a petition.

Pick up the phone to a friend I haven't spoken to for years and restablish contact with someone different every month!

Read books which will stretch me intellectually and broaden my range.

Of course do some new things - I am about to go and do some abstract painting which I have never tried and want to try. Enthusiasm always out does reality and who knows what will be the result?!

WATCH here for news of how I get on oh and by the way