Thursday, 9 July 2009


Last Thursday evening P and I went to see Kneehigh Theatre's production of
Cameras were not allowed in the auditorium so the best I can do is give you a link.
This is a Cornish Theatre company who have been in existence for over 25 years. Each production they present is assured of being an exciting and innovative performance and Brief Encounter was no different.
I knew the outline of the story from the Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson film however in Emma Rice' 's hands this Brief Encounter was a clever, gimmicky production that had lots of humour yet the passion, tenderness and sensitivity was in abundance all done through amazingly, beautifully and convincing characterisation.
We had a great night out and we have spoken to quite a few friends who had also seen the play in Truro in Cornwall, the home county of Kneehigh and the general consensus was that yet again Kneehigh have come up trumps.